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    Union accuses Apple of firing workers in retaliation for organizing
    Here's what happened when Bernie Sanders put Starbucks' former CEO in the hot seat
    In clash with Bernie Sanders, Starbucks' Howard Schultz insists he's no union buster
    We've Had Enough Say Oakland Teachers! OEA Teachers Wildcat In Fight For Public Education
    Lakeport nursing home workers form their union with SEIU 2015
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  • Tool Lists – JW, CW/CE, Apprentice
    Updated On: Sep 24, 2019

    Tool Lists – JW, CW/CE, Apprentice

    Journeymen Wiremen (JWs):

    • File
    • Hammer
    • Channel lock type pliers
    • 25 foot tape measure
    • Allen wrenches up to 3/8”
    • Meter
    • Multi tap
    • Hacksaw frame
    • Keyhole saw
    • Level
    • Wire pliers
    • Sta-Kon crimping tool
    • Screwdrivers
    • Drill bits up to and including ¼”
    • 3/8” drive rachet with socket setup to 7/8”
    • Adjustable wrench up to 10”

    Construction Electricians and Construction Wiremen (CE/CW):

    • 9” high leverage side cutters
    • 10” pump pliers (channel locks) – 2 pair
    • Phillips-tip screwdriver
    • Round shank flat-tip screwdriver
    • Square shank flat tip screwdriver
    • Electricians knife
    • Electricians folding rule
    • Tool pouch (or equivalent)
    • Wire stripper


    • Pocket knife
    • Tool bag
    • 6ft wood rule, inside reading
    • Pro eyewear black with clear lens
    • 5/16” center punch
    • Folding hex key set
    • Electricians hammer
    • Dual purpose 12 inch hacksaw
    • 6” round screwdriver
    • 4” cab PT screwdriver
    • #2 Phillips screwdriver
    • Terminal block screwdriver
    • Wire stripper
    • Working timepiece (wristwatch or pocket watch)

    The JATC recommends that you use Klein tools on the job. It is not a requirement that you purchase Klein tools, you may choose any brand you want. But remember, these are the tools you will earn a living with, so you should select a brand of high quality. Klein tools are available at many electrical material wholesale companies. If you tell them that you are in the apprenticeship program, they will generally sell them to you at the contractor’s price.

    If you wish, the JATC can furnish the tools needed (M2039076KIT). The price is $300, which is to be paid at the time you place your order with the JATC for these tools. NJATC item #KLE39076 is $276.18 – with shipping, it’s $300.

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